Requested by mycelebrityfantasy as the Sookie without Bill’s blood in her felt enough for Eric to stake Bill, expecting him to disintegrate. Clearly that means she loved Eric more, no matter what she’s saying now. 

Sookie is infinitely more interesting and complex when she’s not beholden to Bill Compton. I wish the writers understood that!

Mhm, this’ll make some great pillow talk for B&S in the future.

beehl: hey, remember that time when you actually staked me when I was about to kill Eric? heh

sookeh: oh yeah; good times *nestles closer into beehls arms*

beehl: you did look very cute, as you sprinted with that stake towards me shrieking and without any hesitation

sookeh: awww baby..

LMAO tp B/S pillow talk XD

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